Areas of interest

Spain has a wide variety of areas of interest: some of the best beaches in the world, dream cities, charming villages, variety of landscapes, beautiful hiking paths and a good infrastructure of public transportation that facilitate reach anywhere.

Beaches and coast

Playa 4You can not talk about Spain not to mention its coastline and its beaches. The set and the variety of beaches in Spain are considered as the best coast beaches in the world. For this reason, mention the beaches would do one at a time, but as there are many hundreds of beaches and coves it is more illustrative of some general characteristics of the beaches by large tourist areas.

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Cities and towns with charm

Verano 2011 (Asturias, Laredo, Pirineos, Grajal) 048Spain has so many charming villages it easy individually chosen few that have nothing to do with those who choose other. Here we will discover some people that will not leave anyone indifferent.

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