Summer on the beaches of Spain to prepare the new college course

Want to study in Spain and have decided to come in the summer to prepare for your first year in the Spanish University. It is a good idea. The main goal now is to practice the language, because as you know will be key to your academic success. But do you want to do a course, You want to learn Spanish from the beach. That's done.

PlayasLanguages ​​from the beach

If you master the Spanish language college course can be a nightmare. To improve your Spanish, as normal is to join one of the many good schools and centers that are in all Spanish cities and in many large municipalities. However, instead of a course you've raised a different way to make a Spanish language immersion, and, as it is summer and sun in Spain is very tempting, You have decided that you can learn Spanish touring the country and talking to people.

A risky choice, but fun. The risk is that in Spain there are many foreign tourists and may ultimately end up talking to them instead of native, that always be willing to talk, to teach you the best in your area and share a table, tablecloth and bar.

Choosing the ideal destination

Now you only need to choose the destination or destinations for which you want to move. The reality is that you have many interesting options. Generally, Summer is known as recurrent coastal towns and some particularly interesting for its beauty, winter and delve into the many cities with history and rich heritage.

And since it's summer, the first thing is to know the beaches and the Spanish coast. The set and the variety of beaches in Spain are considered as the best coast beaches in the world. For this reason, is best to know the main features of the big tourist beach areas for your choice is a hit.

We begin with the magnificent and unknown beaches of northern Spain and continue along the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, Andalusian and islands.

playa-calidad de vidaBeaches in Galicia and Northern Spain

The beaches of northern Spain and Galicia are arena fina y blanca, Pretty, fanciful shapes, rough seas and cold water. Sometimes, are dotted with huge rocks that enter the sea, others are large expanses of sand dunes with wild, sometimes inaccessible coves, others are built in the towns and cities, in the majority of cases persons with little agglomeration, in some, even, you can be alone. Generally, they are quite natural, are very well maintained and has little infrastructure to beach bars and beach bars.

Everything is perfect, but the weather is in the. The percentage of cloudy days and rain is higher than in the rest of Spain beaches, por else, beaches are hard to match.

playa-españaMediterranean beaches

Recognized worldwide, this is paradise for those who want to enjoy good time, good beaches, good atmosphere, good bars and variety of cultural options. Levante has it all. There are four major areas, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa del Azahar and Costa Blanca.

Costa Brava

The coast of Girona. 200 km. coast. Beautiful sandy beaches combined with small coves large, fine sand and boulders, wild or integrated townships, cliffs and forests. A safe choice. It is one of the main tourist destinations in the world.

Costa Dorada

The coast of Tarragona. 200 miles of coastline beaches of fine sand, warm and shallow sea. Youth Environment, unabashedly, good infrastructure of bars, bars and restaurants.

Costa del Azahar

The northern coast of Valencia. Mostly frequented by beach tourism. Arena fina, great beaches, shallow sea, warm water, many hospitality and hotel infrastructure ...

Costa Blanca

The southern coast of the Valencia Community. It is one of the most popular areas of the Spanish coast beach. Great beaches, shallow sea, warm water, large tourist towns and thousands of hospitality infrastructure.

South Beaches

The Andalusian coast has a thousand kilometers of coast where the sun is almost assured. Thousand miles give to have a wide variety of beaches, from the most pristine of the busiest, high cliffs, marshes, Soft arena, surf, calm sea, many infrastructure, large and small sandy coves, charming villages ...

You can talk about four major areas of coast in Andalucia: Costa Almeria, Costa Tropical (Granada), Costa del Sol (Malaga) and Costa de la Luz (Cádiz and Huelva).

The Islands

The beaches of the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands are an international tourist attraction par excellence:

Beaches in the Balearic Islands

Around 300 beaches clear water, crystal, some wild, perfectly integrated in other municipalities, some inaccessible and almost virgin, all other services and infrastructure, a fine white sand, other perfect for diving. Its four main islands are: Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

Playas de Canarias

Focused on seven islands: Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Palma, Hierro and Gomera. All have a mild spring weather all year, stable temperatures with stockings 21 degrees 3.000 hours of sunshine per year. Is paradise to be lost at any time of year. It has black volcanic sand beaches, de arena fina, rock, large cliffs or beaches easily accessible. It is a tourist destination and has all the necessary services and infrastructure.

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