September… And my Spanish is a mess!

September. In four days, many foreigners come to study in Spain a university degree or a postgraduate course. They get happy, but have a problem and many of them do not know: their level of Spanish is a mess. It is urgent. It is time to study and learn Spanish. We give you the keys and mark the path. Mood!

Low level languages

The main problem with foreign students are integrated into the University is its low level of Spanish language. It is a very widespread reality, that may negatively impact their learning and qualifications.

The class is not the bar

And why cheating occurs? Most foreign students are able to speak in Spanish leisure topics with friends, a football match or time, can be bought easily in any trade, well understood in bars, Spanish people can meet and communicate with them with dignity… And of course, with this background, the student thinks he knows Spanish. But all he collapses on the first day of class.

The University is another thing

At the University language is much more specialized, speech rate is higher, words are more abstract, accurate and are linked in more complex ways. The student does not understand. You should look for an alternative if you do not want to lose the year. Should learn Spanish quickly.
That no student worry! They are still on time!

Spanish from the country of origin

If a foreign student wants to learn Spanish online from their home country the best way is through the Cervantes Institute and its website The Spanish in Spain.

The Spanish in Spain gathers information from over 400 schools of Spanish for foreigners in over a hundred locations in Spain.

The quality of schools is supported by the Instituto Cervantes, only gives recognition "Accredited by the Instituto Cervantes" centers that have received a favorable opinion on strict technical and academic standards to teaching practice of teaching Spanish.

To obtain the assent, centers must undergo comprehensive assessments, where academic work is discussed, teaching quality, facilities, equipment, administrative organization, information and publicity.

This web page can be of much use:

What you should know before taking the plunge

What type of Spanish should I learn?

The best is the variety of cultured Spain. It is to be taught in any school and college Spanish.

How many levels are?

Normally, official Spanish courses or follow a formal model are organized into five levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 y C1. Frequently, Each level consists of four courses although it can also be another number of courses.

¿In person the Internet?

Internet facilitate autonomous and flexible learning. Here, each student sets the pace of work and the time commitment. Internet facilitates teaching where students choose whether to participate actively or passively studying.

What is the best training material?

Top courses have varied materials, typically have a structure combines easy navigation and games, texts, video sequences, animations and recordings. Besides these materials, it is advisable that there are any more from the actual literature, Media, el cine or Internet.

What if I know nothing about Spanish?

Generally, initial level courses allow students learning with no knowledge of Spanish. At this level, the student should have the option to read the instructions and explanations of the activities in their own language.

Is there a course calendar?

And general, courses for self realization there is no set timetable. You can start when it suits the student. For specific courses, with tutor, compañeros class attend the center each tendrá a particular calendar.

What is the schedule?

For independent study courses conducted by Internet students choose their own schedules. Also, communication with the tutor and other students is not usually live. On occasions it is usually organized live freely with prior agreement or is agreed and organized before the student enrolls in his class of Spanish.

What is the course duration?

The course depends on the rate of learning established by the student. The material in each course is organized working sessions. The time spent on each session and the frequency of its performance will vary from student to other.

¿Al final, I get to speak Spanish?

There is a phase of self-employment, of much effort and dedication. This is normally done by using material interactivo. There also tutorizados courses. The advantage is that there chat, Email the forums where Spanish is spoken with other students in the group or the tutor., blogs, wikis, etc..

How much does a course?

Is variable. Some are cheap, other expensive and some are free. The choice depends on the needs and characteristics of each student. Look at the Cervantes Institute website or contact Services in Spain where I advise superbly.

Alternative SiS

If you need to learn Spanish or another language, SiS can we help. Send us an email to: the llámanos by phone: 913 107 000 (Spanish language) 622 572 856 (Chinese) or ask us for more information via:

The SiS Language Services provides students learning Spanish or other languages, allowing access to the chosen university.
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