Corporate Social Responsibility

Services in Spain (SiS) has an active policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). SIS philosophy advocates an ethical code of conduct, linked to customer satisfaction, quality of services and products and the contribution to the development.

Entrevista de trabajoCSR and CSR

For the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Corporate Social Responsibility and Business is the set of actions that companies take into consideration that their activities have a positive impact on society, customers, suppliers and their workers and affirm their principles and values ​​which govern, both in their own internal methods and processes and in their relationships with others.


Services in Spain (SiS) has an active policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Philosophy SIS defends an ethical code of conduct, directly linked to customer satisfaction, the quality standards for services and products, respect of the conditions of competition, to the strengthening of respect for human rights, combating poverty and contributing to the development.

Generating employment and wealth

SiS believes that business can play a very important role in the lives of people not only as providers of employment and wealth, but also as a development agent in the geographic areas where they are present.

In this sense, SiS, provides quality products and services, insurance, reliable and reasonably priced, through a fair and responsible supplier selection and collaborations, and makes alliances with other companies to cut costs and lower prices that benefit the customer, and offer better services and products.

Trust and Security

confianza y seguridadWith these measures, Services in Spain intended to convey trust and confidence and demonstrate the continuing effort to meet the needs of different stakeholders, workers, customers and suppliers.

Development pillars

SIS assumes and actively extending this commitment and considered one of the pillars of its development model, that is expressed in:

  • Serving society with useful products and in fair condition
  • Creating wealth in the most efficient manner possible
  • Maintenance of business ethics
  • Engage employees in CSR good practices
  • Improve the possibilities and opportunities of the community where the company is established
  • Respect human rights with decent working conditions that promote safety and health and human development and training of workers
  • Strictly enforced laws, regulations, norms and customs, respecting legitimate contracts and commitments

SiS CSR actions

As CSR should not be a theoretical, but must implement, details some holding shares SiS in its policy of Corporate Social Responsibility:

Guidance and information

    • SiS power through its web and media at your reach information, advice and guidance related to the field of integration into the Spanish culture and society, through academic integration, training and employment of foreign students.

Collaborative funding

    • SiS hits collaborative actions to assist the financing of cultural works and socially responsible, that highlight the integrative nature of people and their cultural context, social, ethical and aesthetic. For example, participates in the funding imaCHINAtion, a book in which a series of sinograms relate and associate each with an evocative illustration of its meaning:

SiS Scholarships for Academic Excellence

  • SiS Academic Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students study in Spain. The SiS scholarships aim to promote the academic development of Chinese students coming to the Spanish University, facilitate the development of college students with an excellent academic performance and pay tuition, pay monthly fees or Instructional Materials.

SiS think these projects help create a fairer society, that embraces diversity and ensures equal opportunities.

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