Want to study Chinese in a fun and easy way?

Well I will introduce an essential book…
Imachination is a book conceived from emotion and reason… ”This first book has a total of 120 chosen among the most used characters, although some of them are rare. The same, those we discover along their 134 Pages.

Pictorial representation

Entrega del libro Imachination a SIS

Book Delivery Imachination to SIS

The main purpose of IMACHINATION is explained by different Chinese characters drawings. En Imachination, convert each character into a pictogram, namely, a pictorial representation of what would be the sinogram (which is a written sign that symbolizes itself a word).

The realization of this project has been over a year and a half of work of painter and illustrator Fernando H. Grove. He was born based on dedication, care and patience, and above all a deep love and interest in Chinese culture. Imachination is the first rung of a long ladder. Currently still working, ultimately investigated by analyzing more characters for a new book. We hope that over the next year, see the light.

Who is it useful Imachination?

Ejemplar de Imachination

Exemplary Imachination

For anyone who is interested in approaching this enigmatic language, well as study book as a reference book.

Where I can purchase?

There are several ways to buy the book. You can get your copy of Imachination in different outlets and bookstores, but we recommend that they do so through, portal selling books teaching Chinese, from there you can get the most economical way, easy and fast.

How was this project funded?

For this project the authors embarked on a project of "collaborative funding". More colloquially known as crowdfunding. If you are interested in this topic, I recommend you read

Social Responsibility

En Services in Spain (SIS) We are fully convinced that CSR has maintained an active policy (you can look at our CSR policy in the "About us": Thus, We have participated in the financing of IMACHINATION.

Since emotion and reason

As we said earlier, Imachination, It is a project that was born, as SIS, intended to last over time, be a bridge between different cultures, bring people to a better understanding of other; ultimately, contribute, albeit just a bit, the development of people through culture and education, we celebrated the "birth" as it deserves. With a great party.

Music and Poetry

Instrumento musical chino. Guzheng

Instrumento musical bent. Guzheng

How could it be otherwise, for a few hours, we are immersed in another environment: China music, poesía china… and Chinese. A simple and entertaining event where we learned, a little more of this Asian giant that attracts and frightens equally.

¿Music? Claro¡ No party is complete without the right music. So we were treated to several interpretations guzheng, Chinese musical instrument string over 2.000 years old. In front of it, Fly Go, that, plus a great performer, He is an excellent storyteller; stories you are able to imagine listening to the music created by this instrument.

Did you know, for example, that the Chinese language has more than 4.000 years old? We are referring to the standard Mandarin (850 million speakers), official language in China and Taiwan. It is also one of four official languages ​​of Singapore and one of the six UN.

Thus, a poem is also narrated in this language, to the delight of those who already have I started to study this ancient language.

Chinese Food

Later, enjoyed Chinese food. People around the world but largely unknown. Thence, came some of the dishes were tasted in the evening. Kitchen not adapted to Western taste.

Sichuan, is the Chinese province where Chinese cuisine prepared by the best in the world. As at home, in gastronomy there are many varieties and specialties. Since so spicy flavors that are only meant for certain palates, until soft food made with traditional and healthy way. Another day talk about it.

Y, finally, came the most awaited moment. The debut of Imachination. The result of a job well done and the illusion of many people.

A book that I recommend to delight your sight with some great icons and arouse interest in a language as complicated and interesting as Mandarin. Dare to discover and enjoy one of the most mysterious and enigmatic part of Chinese Culture.