services in spain

Services in Spain (SiS) It is a community that provides personalized services to foreign students who come to Spain. Services in Spain is specialized in Chinese students, and covers all your needs for tuition, academic management, reception, adaptation and integration. The aim is to respond to any need and solve any problems.


Headquarters Services in Spain is located in the financial heart of Madrid and we have partners throughout Spain, although we make special emphasis on cities with more university tradition: Madrid, Barcelona, Salamanca, Granada, Murcia, Segovia, Valladolid, Cordova, Seville, Bilbao ...


Spain is a very interesting destination for foreign students, and all need initial support to integrate and feel safe. The interest of Services in Spain is that students only worry of the reason for his trip to Spain. We take care of all the infrastructure.


In SiS want students who come to Spain use their training period, but we also want to show leisure, Spanish culture and fun.

Chinese students

Services in Spain is specialized in providing service and support to students and professionals who come from China. We offer personalized attention 24 hour.