Who we are

We are a group of Spanish and Chinese professionals who want to enhance and improve the reception of students from other countries and make them much easier and fruitful stay in Spain. We specialize in Chinese students.

Services in Spain (SiS) is founded by Paloma Corrochano Jintao and Sun. With very different experiences, their skills, skills and knowledge are fully complementary.

Corrochano Paloma is an expert in the field of training, employment and services. De facto, he has held the highest level in a placement consultancy Spain (Randstad), in the Spanish second job portal ( or at one of the big law firms (Vialegis), among other professional experiences.

Sun Jintao has a deep knowledge of the needs of foreigners who come to Spain to study, especially those related to the students in his native China. The reasons are obvious, Sun Jintao originates from the Sichuan Province of China, came to Spain to study his college career for Administration and Management at the Business School, he loved the country and has taken up residence in Spain.

The Company

services in spain

Services in Spain (SiS) It is a community that provides personalized services to foreign students who come to Spain. Services in Spain covers all the needs of reception, adaptation and integration. The aim is to respond to any need and solve any problems.

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Information and contact


If you want to contact us, I can make it through the Email If you prefer, or get telephone 913 107 000 (Spanish) o al 622 572 856 (Chinese) or you can visit us at our headquarters in Madrid.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Entrevista de trabajoServices in Spain (SiS) has an active policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). SIS philosophy advocates an ethical code of conduct, linked to customer satisfaction, the quality of service and products and the contribution to the development.

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