Things to look for companies

Knowing what companies want is critical to find work. If I know what they want I can prepare to meet those needs. Although each job has an ideal profile, There is a profile that few companies reject. My goal is to approach him.

Ideal profile looking

perfil idealBased on good training adjusted since, languages, computing general and specialized, experience labor, valuable experience in the foreign and age between 22 and 30 years old. If you want to know more ...
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Personal Qualities

grupomoderno_12191653The personal profile is very important to convince the coach. The main personal characteristics required are: ethics and integrity, positive attitude, stress tolerance, decisiveness, initiative, empathy, sincerity, listen ....
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Labor skills

Una mano da un título a otra_176912Professional competencies are what tip the scales toward a job. The most valued are Troubleshooting, teamwork, leadership, organization, commercial spirit, communication capacity, Customer, flexibility ...
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