Job portals and social networks

The two fastest systems, simple and effective in finding employment are job portals and social networks. Using them properly is the key to success.

Job Portals

Portales de empleoThe most efficient method to look for work are job portals. For this, you just have to register as a user, introduce the curriculum and wait. You can also make active search and see offers that have gotten the company and that fit with our personal and professional profile. There are general portals and specialized in one area or sector. Portals where more jobs are:

Social Networks

  • Portales de empleo y redes socialesSocial Networks: Communication channels and positioning. Transmission of "I".
  • Target: Our personal brand make us something desired.
  • Confidence: Position in the network to be a trusted business option.
  • Selector: Get more personal and professional candidate information.
  • Bidirectional: Los recruiters seeking candidates ..., them to recruiters looking for candidates.
  • Huella digital: Everything you do and say will be there forever.
  • Labor market exclusion: Not being in the networks can make the labor market exclusion.
  • Strategy 2.0: We must develop a strategy 2.0 and use their own networking tools: from creating a log b to promote your brand in social networks.

There is a danger: Using too many platforms and tools. There are hundreds of networks. It will take too long, is not operating. Better focus the shot. Few but well selected and monitored daily (P.e.: twitter, Linkedin, Infoempleo, infojobs).

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    It integrate these two tasks becomes very complex because there are many social networks that go and many portals to consult,es.