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The professional success starts with having a good training set for the post, languages, computer skills, Experience, between 22 and 30 years old, capacity Troubleshooting, teamwork, leadership, commercial spirit, communication skills, flexibility ... If you want to know more ...

Appropriate training

  • Â-Specialized training that meets the needs of the job
  • Â-Titling university ³ n ³ n lineup or Professional à in Industrial areas, computing, telecommunications or business administration ³ n.
  • Master Degree and Graduate: MBA or more ster and specialization courses ³ n à in the work area.

Languages ​​and Computer

    • Estudiantes-chica-oriental-estudiando-429127Languages: Especially el England Language © s. In a year you will be imperative ±. MÃ s of 40% Offers of employment asking qualified English. MÃ s of 80% requesting bids languages ​​they want the English. Is increasingly values ​​a third language. Those who have better projection, than English, its, this order: German, Chinese, French, Italian and Portuguese.
    • General Computing: The ignorance of some software eliminates candidates who do not have these skills. The most common are Word, Excell, Power Point, email o Internet. Do not add value, but they are essential for most jobs.
    • Computer specialist: Each job has its own needs based on the sector, professional and functional area (accounting, communication, databases, commercial, marketing, I Financial ...).

Experience and age

  • Work experience: In other business, NGOs, labor practices, scholarships ...
  • Experience abroad: Whether it's work or academic.
  • Age between 22 and 30 years old. Increases as age increases the professional category (technical, intermediate control the direction).

Professional Skills

  • shutterstock_8584441Ability to work in team: Willingness to participate as fully integrated into a team member which has not necessarily to be the boss; effective contributor even when the computer is working on something that is not directly related to personal interests.
  • Solving problems: Effectiveness in identifying a problem and finding solutions.
  • Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship: Ability to propose imaginative solutions in business situations. Innovation. Ability to identify radical alternatives as opposed to traditional methods and approaches.
  • Leadership: Using appropriate interpersonal traits and methods to guide individuals or groups toward achieving a goal.
  • Planning and organization: Ability to effectively establish an appropriate action by staff or others in order to achieve a goal.
  • Commercial spirit and customer service: Ability to understand those key points that affect business profitability and growth of a company and work thinking about customer satisfaction.
  • Customer: Exceeding customer expectations by demonstrating a total commitment in identifying any problems and providing the best solutions to meet your needs.
  • Communication skills: Ability to express ideas or facts clearly and persuasively. Convincing the other point of view itself.
  • Written communication: Ability to draft ideas clearly and grammatically correct, so that they are understood undoubtedly.
  • Numerical analysis: Ability to analyze, organize and present numerical data, for example, financial and statistical data.
  • Flexibility: Ability to change own behavior (namely, adopt a different type of approach) with the aim of reaching a goal.
  • Meticulousness: Overall resolution of a task or issue to the end and in all areas involving, regardless of its insignificance.