Pack SIS Premium

The Premium Pack SiS allows students SiS hire three services with a significant savings. The services that are provided in this pack are: SiS Student Pack, Dual Admission and SiS SiS Exchange Credits. The student enjoying three services and benefits from special prices.

To whom it may concern

Aimed at students who want to study Chinese in Spain, the highlight of the Premium Pack is SiS SiS combines three services and saves valuable. The services are combined SiS Dual Admissions, College Credit Exchanges and SiS SiS Student Pack. Here we provide a brief summary of each of these services, but you have more information in their separate section.


Includes the main steps you need to get a Chinese student to study in Spain: Airport pick up with Chinese guide, accommodation, Welcome Guide, NIE Student, opening bank accounts, medical and dental insurance, Spanish mobile phone, Card transport, remedial classes and welcome dinner and friendship.


The double guaranteed admission perform Intensive Spanish in college and then be admitted to the university chosen career. There is also the option to study at a Spanish university and then not be admitted in any non-university study


Includes management recognition of college credit between Spanish and Chinese universities, testing intake and processing services, support, management and support.

Pricing SiS Premium Pack

The student has these three services and benefits from a 10% off:

  • SiS Student Pack: 1.100 euros
  • Double Admission SiS: 1.100 euros
  • Exchange Credits SiS: 1.100 euros

Instead of 3.300 euros, price with 10% discount is 2.970 euros.

Price includes handling costs, management, help and support. Excludes enrollment in colleges or language centers, Property or payment or payment of medical insurance fees or similar.


To hire SiS Pack Premium only have to access to send an email to: or phone: 913 107 000 (Spanish language) 622 572 856 (Chinese) or request more information through: