Other ways to find employment

From corporate websites, Selection enterprises, AN, job fairs and training centers to press and publications, professional associations or SEPS, inter alia.

Corporate web pages

Companies publish information about their selection processes in their web pages. Great, medium and small companies use their websites to publicize their staffing needs and get resume that directly manage their recruitment processes.

In these cases, the job seeker must primarily access companies you would like to develop professionally.

Business recruiters

Intermediary agencies are offering their services to other companies selection. They are experts in selection and recruitment and includes personal search, selection and nomination of candidates for the undertaking of professional.

Some of these companies provide counseling and job search: resume writing and cover letter or professional pipeline deals.

Employment Agencies (AN)

Its activity is to recruit professionals in order to make them available to other companies that need to fill jobs temporarily.

The ETT streamline labor relations. The two main ETT, with offices in all the provinces of Spain and many offices are Adecco ( y Ranstad (

Job Fairs

Job fairs are a good place to gauge the labor market and to contact the companies in our interest. There know firsthand companies and they know us. These are meetings that allow you work and facilitate contacts within those companies.

In these cases, should bring updated resume, Cards, a keynote speech learned half a minute in which count our work experience and academic training and, very important, go with a costume according to the type of event.

Training Centres

The training centers offer a specialized service whose mission is to assist and advise students when seeking employment, organize internships and redirect jobs to get the center to the profiles of their students who best meet the requirements of the company. Yes, to use this service you must be enrolled in the center.

Press and publications

There are still many companies that disclosed their jobs through newspapers and journals. They are usually pages of employment or employment Sunday supplements. In this sense, also should be reviewed professional journals, trade journals and newsletters of professional associations.

Other alternatives to seek employment

If you have time and opportunity to expand your range of job search, You can also try through:

  • Internet Search Engines
  • Professional Associations
  • Sepe (Public Employment Services)