Music, and international theater festivals

The good weather, the joy of the people and the cultural diversity that Spain has made many music options, theater and holiday. Each city has his. You'll have to discover. Here we will only offer an outline of music.

concierto 2Music

Spain, Thanks to its good climate, their many hours of sunshine and its low rainfall, has many options for live music outdoors, something that can not be said for other parts of the world where they also have a strong musical tradition.
Spain is almost obligatory destination for touring big bands, but also more niche and specialized festivals. Some are of Jazz, other racial music, other alternative music ... Many options to choose.

Córdoba flamencoTheater

Although there are theaters in most of the cities of Spain, this is in Madrid and Barcelona where you'll find works for everyone. From musical comedies, through alternative works, the classic minimalist.
To see the range of musical, it is sufficient to explore the Gran Via of Madrid or shop around the Ciutat Vella of Barcelona.

International Events

If anything stands in Spain when speaking of fun is the great celebration of the many fiestas. Some of the most typical are the Carnival of Cadiz and Tenerife, Fallas of Valencia, the April Fair in Seville and many other municipalities, San Fermin in Pamplona, the Tomatina of Buñol in Valencia and numerous music festivals, theater or dance there in different cities.

Carnival in Cadiz or Tenerife

feria de abrilAre in February and are globally recognized. Each has its peculiarities, but both are a meeting point for those who want to enjoy forced Carnival.

Fallas de Valencia

Are in March and have made hundreds of figures and motives of social life, World political and cultural. Some have more than 15 meters. Al final, all burned in huge bonfires.

April Fair

In Seville and other Andalusian towns and the rest of Spain April Fair is organized. Thousands of booths or spaces where listening to music, Flamenco dance, se bebe y se come. Fun is guaranteed.San Fermín

San Fermín

One of the most international festivals. It is early July. Bulls are walking the streets while thousands of people running in front of them. When no bulls, tens of thousands of people dancing, drink and have fun.

Tomatina Buñol

It's in August, in Buñol (Valencia). It's a war based on ripe tomatoes. Tens of thousands of people dressed in white throwing tomatoes…


Taking advantage of the good weather, in Spain tens of music festivals and outdoor theater are organized in many cities.

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