My first day at the University! What clothes I wear?!

OMG!, If it is already here! The holidays have passed in the blink of an eye and I look over my first day at the University, And I have no idea how to dress!

A new stage in my lifebuen rollo

In a few days I'll have to face me one of the most important moments since I started my adult life: I have enrolled in college and begin a new stage in my training.

Probably, the last to open the doors to the working world that I will get to stay for long. A new environment, new teachers, new companions ... and, s as a natural, I want to make a good impression: What does it look like to offer my new teammates? and how should I introduce myself in the center where I will spend the next years of my life?

We give a brief recommendations that are sure to be very practical and, course, suggestions are welcome ...

I know no

After spending the last fourteen years of our lives with the same classmates, in a case friends, and teachers, I get to meet lots of new people. These certainly going to be my future friends @ "the soul". But, even so, feel dizzy when faced with the unknown. I want to be sure, impress, not noted for better or for worse. We'll have time to make us our space and claim a "I'm the best 'in the making. Thus, for now, at this time, is important to carefully take care of our appearance and image that will convey.

Principles must not forget

Following the idea in the previous post ( "... The class is not the bar. College is something else ", going to go to a site that will soon be second home as tu, but which must respect certain rules and meet certain forms.

Your appearance should always be neat and careful. You can not give the feeling that you just got out of bed, nor can it give the impression that you come to the "party of the century". Remember that the first image that you are long in the retina of the other.

From now on you will spend several hours a day University. Thus, it is important that you go with comfortable clothes. But beware, this does not mean that's right a tracksuit or any wide garment.

Darling with what we get

To this day primer, choose simple garments. Yes, try to be newer than what you have in the closet. No flip flops, sports wear, heels of stroke, micro short o micro faldas, swimsuits, worn shirts, tracksuit or clothes full of logos.

Choose jeans and a shirt. Better a comfortable shoe, a cardigan or a cardigan and, if you like something more formal, an American. Not too short nor too neckline dress is also a great option.

For them, them by, better than t. For these, not to overdo with accessories or with makeup, and both, hair and perfectly manicured nails…

Our beloved backpack should stay home and. Sustituyámosla for bolso MENSAJEROS -messenger and if we are the kind that we carry everything before leaving home, a bolso tipo tote will be perfect. And you never forget to bring you the best in your smile.

Go shopping: cool and cheap stuff

It may be, that after a long summer, tengo tu in the closet these gifts appropriate. Also, sure you feel like something brand new without spending too much money. Want to know where things cool and cheap?

To search that bag or backpack essential you can go to any store MISAKO. For them, from 24,95 There euros trend for fall winter handbags. And for these, the sack type bags, backpacks with fringes from the 29,95 euros. Any temptation!, Right? I tell you where to see models and prices:

For them: and to them

Department Stores

For those who do not like to waste time scouring various shops, the solution is to go to Department Stores. So you have it easy. In shopping malls "The English Court ", in the young plant and specifically, Brand EASY WEAR, you can find everything you need from a more than reasonable price.

The essential shirts, for them and for them from 19,95 up 29,95 euros. Cowboys from 19,95 euros…. It's getting cold. In the morning, a sweater or cardigan are essential. ¿In going to a whim by DART 9,95 euros? They can. For them, from 19,95 up 29,95 EUR find different colors and styles. Ideals and for everyone.

For fall, a good coat, duffle coat or a parka are essential. You have them from 49,95 euros, rabid trend and great fabrics.

And ins, backpacks as the pockets, also you can find here from 29,95 euros… What more?

Do not forget you go through your shoe department. Bound to find the shoe that best fits your needs. With a visit from a couple of hours… ready to meet new friends. And if we really are to those who do not want to miss a single minute of our time, choose before leaving home or buy from there. I tell you where you can check:


Finally do not forget the shoes. It would be nice, have some good boots. In you can find the one that will become an indispensable complement to this fall.

… And for / shopping lovers in general, You, H&M, Mango… We offer great opportunities to say goodbye to summer with a new look more in line with our changing needs… portfolio without being in the effort… Happy shopping!

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