The best cities to study abroad in Spain if you are

Spain is one of the world's top destinations for foreign students. It is the reference for Hispanic students and U.S., is a destination increasingly sought by large countries such as China and is the country in Europe that more students receive through European exchange programs.

Above 80 universities

Graduados de espaldaSpain, over 80 public and private universities, you have flagship campuses to study.

Some of the most attractive cities are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Salamanca, Cordoba and Granada, but there are others with great national and international renown for its good schools and good university environment, as Santiago de Compostela, Bilbao, Valladolid, Saragossa, Pamplona, Murcia o León, inter.

We tell you a little more for each city the choice easier.

madrid_cibelesFrom Madrid to Heaven

Clearly, Madrid is one of the first destinations where foreign students think when you decide to come to Spain to pursue his college degree. It is one of the most preferred destinations for students around the world. And is that Madrid has everything. Capital of Spain. Economic and financial center. Superb city to study and do business. Large number of prestigious public and private universities, museums, Real Madrid, leisure and fun environment in their old neighborhoods, welcoming people, clima benigno. What more can you ask?

If Madrid is your dream destination, here you have more information about Madrid:

estudiantesBarcelona, international

Barcelona is a iconic city, recognized in the rest of the world for its heritage, culture, beaches and gastronomy. It is a tourist destination dedicated, with good public and private universities, leading centers internationally recognized postgraduate, great business activity and a mild and pleasant climate all year.

If you are thinking about Barcelona, you want this information to Barcelona:

Cordova, mix of cultures

It is a beautiful town, heritage, which highlights its famous Cathedral Mosque. It is a city with great cultural richness and shaped by the historical influence of the Arab world. His University of Cordoba noted for its expertise in the environmental and agro-food sector.

If you're thinking of studying in Córdoba, you are interested in this information from Córdoba:

Chicos playaValencia, facing the Mediterranean

Best known for its beaches, beach bars, your paella or its climate, is also good and recognized public and private universities, good research, rigorous postgraduate studies and high academic standards, great atmosphere of fun and entertainment and a thriving international community.

If you think about Valencia as a destination for your studies, you want this information to Valencia:

Granada, rich cultural

With rich cultural, highlight the Alhambra and Albaicin, World Heritage. It is alarge campus environment, which especially highlights careers in language and humanities. The University of Granada has more than five hundred years of history and it shows in his openness to people.

If you think of Granada as a destination for your studies, in Pierdas you this information Granada:

Salamanca, 800 years of university history

Salamanca is a city universally known for its university atmosphere. It is the oldest university in Spain, over 800 years old. During the course, over 25% of its population are students, a large portion of them from all over Spain and the rest of the world. Clearly, city ​​a safe bet, good size, cultural environment, much variety of leisure and entertainment ...

If Salamanca is one of your options university town, here you have more information about Salamanca:

Other cities to study

Other cities in Spain also has its charm to study. There are beautiful cities, others with varied landscapes, other with the sea always just around the corner, others with a higher standard of living, other interesting cultural and social particularities ... They are cities with prestigious universities or have a great university tradition. Discover them!:

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