Night life

Spain has one of the world's best night marches. Many factors make this so: people are funny and cheerful, very good weather, there are people from all over the world and there are many bars infrastructure, concert halls, pubs, clubs and other nightspots designed for fun.

Barrio Húmedo

Major Cities

Large cities, as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Zaragoza and Bilbao guarantee your festive atmosphere until the wee hours of the morning, with different areas of environment and with very different styles.
Cities with more university tradition, as Salamanca, Granada and Santiago follow the same pattern: many young people, many local well prepared and up until the wee hours of the night.

madridnochePleasant weather

One of the allies of the nightlife is the climate of Spain. In the spring, Summer and autumn is warm night, temperatures them are nice and this invite out or to sit on a terrace.

Variety of offer

The choice between different types of local environments and makes anyone find what they want. From bars, the live music pubs, to clubs, Flemish tablaos the terraces. Since rock music, Songwriting jazz or pop up, or local electronic music with ambient music.

madrid tapasThursday to Saturday

While it is true that in big cities every day there are possibilities to choose the gear that is, it is normal that the top party especially the nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Thursday night is a day specially selected by the university. Not to say that no other days out, but Thursday is when highest proportion of college meet. Also, many locals do specials on Thursdays to get their haircuts fill ... and, normally, get it. In Spain you will find a thousand excuses for going out and not go to bed.

Enjoy the evening in Spain

As for fun must organize, need to know some things about the night in Spain:


In large cities there Night bus services, that link to the day services. In small towns have no problem walking ... you lay all sites.


Typically, the end three or three-thirty in the morning. It is usually when the pubs close. Yes, no other local, nightclubs and afterhours not close until later in the night or until breakfast time.


In any public place in Spain Only serve alcohol to guests over 18 years old. Even in shops where alcohol is mandatory to have bought 18 years to purchase.


Although access to pubs, night clubs or is only allowed over 18 years old, in practice there are many locals who organize parties for younger people. Yes, No alcohol.

Learn more

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