Exchange Credits SiS

Aimed at students who want to study Chinese in Spain, exchange credit guaranteed loan validation chosen career between the Spanish University and the Chinese University. It is a way to ensure that the title will be valuable both in Spain and in China.

estudiantesFeatures Exchange
Credit SiS

  • Recognition of University Credits: The student will be validated credits chosen career, through bilateral agreements between the Spanish University and the Chinese University.
  • Mobility programs (“Free Movers”). Students may wish to study any of the courses offered by the universities both at Degree and Postgraduate for a semester or full academic year.
  • Admission Test and Quality Assurance. To provide quality assurance, besides having approved the gaokao, SiS performed some tests of their own access, consisting of interview, language comprehension test, curriculum and presentation of specific information.

Exchange Pricing
Credit SiS

The price includes the management of the recognition of college credit between Spanish and Chinese universities, testing intake and processing services, support, management and support. Price does not include enrollment in universities or possible fees for efforts.

Price: 1.100 euros


To hire the Exchange Credits SiS you just have to access You can also send an email to: or phone: 913 107 000 (Spanish language) 622 572 856 (Chinese) or request more information through: