Make a good letter

There are no foolproof tricks to make a good presentation, but some ideas that must be clear to increase the chances of success. Among these ideas, is know to interest the coach, personalize cards, sell as a product, suggest a job interview and make a good structure of the letter.

cv y  cartaArouse the interest of coach

The letter should arouse the interest of the coach. For this, why we must defend the right person to fill this job and look for the opportunity to meet with the coach in an interview.

Customize chart

Wherever possible, must be personalized letters do adapted to the job.

Sell ​​as a product

plantasWe sell a product as required by the company. For this, have to meet the interests and needs of the company, to highlight the qualities and skills they seek and are compatible with its activity.

Suggest an interview

The card has a primary objective, and get a job interview. Thus, we finish the letter suggesting this possibility. It will subtly, indicating that we could maintain a brief meeting where you can extend any aspect of the curriculum.

Structure of the card

The text should not repeat the curriculum, must not exceed five paragraphs or 20 lines. The writing should be neat and use terms and expressions own sector.


Paragraph 1: Meeting and greeting, reference indicating if any.
Paragraph 2: Trying to access the CV coach, where you see the suitability of the candidate to the position offered.
Paragraph 3: Show interest and professional achievements for the post.
Paragraph 4: Suggest further information in a personal interview.
Paragraph 5: Thanks and farewell.