Flamenco and bullfighting

Flamenco is the combination of Andalusian music and dance. Flamenco is Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Dancing, The zapateo, singing and clapping are the foundation of flamenco. As bulls, is the prevalent image of Spain abroad. A bullfighter in front of an animal over 500 kilos.

FlamencoAndalusian music and dance

Ie Say Flamenco music and dance Andalusian. Flamenco has been recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage Ethnological Andaluz.

Dance, cante, Palmas y zapateo

The principal facets of flamenco are cante, the touch and dance. Their origin is the combination of music, Andalusian dance and a personal touch of the Roma. Dancing, The zapateo, singing and clapping are the foundation of flamenco.
The popularity has made flamenco flamenco schools exist in places as diverse as China culturally distant, Japan, United States or any country of Latin America.Flamenco

Flamenco show

Although flamenco originated in Andalucia, Flamenco can be heard in many cities in Spain. The site specializes in flamenco flamenco bar called. In many, plus see Flamenco, you can eat and have a drink, although there are also representations of flamenco theaters and other local.

TorosBull and bullfighter

Bullfights compose a man, called torero, y un animal bravo, that is bull. The bullfighter has a fabric to defend (layer and crutch) and trick the bull, will try catch you. In the final set, the bullfighter nailed a sword and kill the bull.
Errors are typically paid bullfighter blood. If the matador fails to fool the bull in one of his thrusts, catch the bull and may hurt.

Corrida de toros

toros 2One run of logs consists of six slices. There is a specific place for bullfights, are the arenas. In Spain's bullrings in almost all cities and many towns. There are also places portable bulls, carried from town to town as part of local festivals.

Bullfighting excited for its aesthetic beauty, for their styling, for its aesthetics and the risk involved.

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