Services in Spain (SiS) offers students who come to Spain exclusive services that will help them from enrollment in the training center chosen to learning Spanish or other languages ​​and integrate with other students.

International students without selectivity

España molaDay 12 December 2014 the Carlos III University of Madrid, has launched a new Call for admission of students with baccalaureate from countries not members of the EU. The application deadline is open to 29 May of 2015. The link to the website where you can see the process is:
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Double SiS admission

Doble admisiónAimed at students who want to study Chinese in Spain, double guaranteed admission perform Intensive Spanish in college and then be admitted to the university chosen career. There is also the option to study at a Spanish university and then not be admitted in any non-university study.

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Language Service

IdiomasThe SiS Language Service, targeting Chinese students who want to study in a Spanish university or other training center, provides students learning Spanish or other languages, allowing access to the chosen university.+ info

Pack SiS Premium

PREMIUMThe Premium Pack SiS allows students SiS hire three services with a significant savings. The services that are provided in this pack are SiS Student Pack, Dual Admission and SiS SiS Exchange Credits. The student enjoying three SiS services and special rates.

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Exchange credits SiS

Graduados de espaldaAimed at students who want to study Chinese in Spain, exchange credit guaranteed loan validation chosen career between the Spanish University and the Chinese University. It is a way to ensure that the title will be valuable both in Spain and in China.

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SiS Student Pack

chicasconcarpeta_1722702[1]Includes airport pickup with Chinese guide, accommodation, Welcome Guide, NIE Student, opening bank accounts, medical and dental insurance, Spanish mobile phone, Card transport, remedial classes, welcome dinner and friendship…
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Pack SiS VIP

cHICAS vipThe SiS VIP Pack allows students SiS hire four services with significant savings. The services included in this pack are SiS Student Pack, SiS Pack Leisure and Culture, Dual Admission and Exchange SiS SiS credits. The student benefits from the best services and the best prices.

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    good day, I wonder if you give or accept scholarships to Mexican students to study a degree in Spain. thanks and good day.