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Murcia has more than half a million people, being one of the most important cities in Spain. With over 40.000 college students, environment may be considered by tradition and a university town with many advantages in its favor.

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It is a city that has all the services you may need the discerning student and, both, everything is more or less close. It is ideally located for tourism and leisure, as it is in the Mediterranean coast with interesting cultural and monumental centers.

Its climate is Mediterranean, namely, mild in winter and warm summer temperatures. This great weather, with 300 days of sunshine a year, has become the usual place of residence for foreigners who come to Spain.

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If all this is joined to Murcia is a region of Spain with the highest economic growth of the last decade, has a rich and varied cuisine, beaches of recognized national and international prestige in its coastline, a diverse number of music festivals, most notably the flamenco and jazz, and character of the happy people, open, participatory and welcoming, we have a city to keep in mind when choosing university destination.

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The main university reference region is the University of Murcia. It is a public university founded in 1915, with which they are now with the preparations for the centenary and is an opportunity to live a unique atmosphere.

The most characteristic features of the Murcia University are wide and varied academic offerings, a competent faculty, research support, entrepreneurship, socially engaged, modern, effectively with international projection.

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