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With rich cultural, highlight the Alhambra and Albaicin, which are World Heritage Sites. It's a great college town atmosphere, which especially highlights careers in language and humanities. The University of Granada has five hundred years of history and a great college environment.

Baile flamenco-granada240.000 people

Granada has about 240.000 people. It is located in southern Spain, summers are hot and winters cold. The city has no coast, but some municipalities in the province. It belongs to the community of Andalusia and is recognized as a conglomerate of cultures. The city was founded by the Romans. Muslims settled in Granada from the eighth century until the late fifteenth century.

Rico cultural heritage

Granada is one of the biggest cultural heritages in Spain and a long and storied. It is precisely what makes his story that has attractions for international recognition, Granada-Alhambraas Alhambra, the Albaicin, Cathedral, the Capilla Real, Carthusian Monastery or the Monastery of San Jerónimo.

University city

One of the adjectives that best define Granada is "Ciudad Universitaria". De facto, University, aliens and other parts of Spain and tourism students are the main economic drivers of the city.
One in four people in Granada is a university student. The character of Granada is outgoing and friendly, because they are very used to seeing new people through tourism and students from other cities and countries.

Chica con gorro tumbada_1651709The third largest university in Spain

The University of Granada It is the third nationally for number of students and is the destination of choice for most of the European university Erasmus and one of the top destinations to study Spanish.
The university receives each year more than 2.000 Erasmus students, which places it at the head of European universities. Fue founded in 1531, si bien, its formative past dates back to earlier centuries. For these reasons, University of Granada is considered one of the historic European.

University environment

Granada is one of the Spanish and European cities with largest university environment. This environment, Grenadian students mixture, foreigners and tourists, gives the city a recognized open and welcoming. It has different leisure areas heavily frequented by students, and no local with good designs. Granada is a city that can be explored on foot. In summer, thousands of students take Spanish courses for foreigners, by which its university atmosphere remain beyond the duration of the academic self.

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