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It is a beautiful town, heritage, which highlights its famous Mezquita. It is a city with great cultural and historical influence forged by the Arab world. His University of Cordoba noted for its expertise in the environmental and agro-food sector.

Córdoba flamenco350.000 people

Cordoba has about 350.000 people. It is one of the fifteen largest cities in Spain. It is located in southern Spain, summers are very hot and mild winters. No expense has, belongs to the Community of Andalusia and is recognized as a conglomerate of cultures, because in its more than 3.000 years of Roman history has been, Muslim and Christian. This important story that has favored attractions internationally recognized, as Mosque, Synagogue, Temple Novel, Calahorra Tower and Palace of the Christian Kings.

Mezquita CórdobaHeritage

The historic center of Cordoba is Heritage, as is also the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the famous Fiesta Patios.
Its glorious past is found not only in its rich architectural heritage, but also in being the birthplace of philosophers and writers such as the Roman Seneca, Muslim Averroes, Maimonides Jewish or Spanish Luis de Góngora.

But Young University history

Córdoba puente romanoThe University of Cordoba has just over 40 years old, si bien, its roots are almost two centuries.
Studies ranging from degrees in the humanities and health sciences, to the legal and social areas, scientific and technical, three areas that correspond to its structure in three campus: social legal, Health and the scientific and technical.

College students

Cordoba has about 25.000 college students, which means that proportionally has fewer students than other mid-sized university towns. This is evident in the atmosphere of the entertainment areas, however, has a wide cultural and social infrastructure where college actively involved.

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