Studying in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city landmark, recognized in the rest of the world for its heritage, culture, beaches and gastronomy. It is a tourist destination dedicated, with good public and private universities, leading centers internationally recognized postgraduate, great business activity and a mild and pleasant climate all year.

1,6 million

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona, over 1,6 million, It is the second most populated city in Spain.
Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, and one of the major cities of Europe thanks to its economic potential, financial, its cultural and touristic importance.

Great universities

Internationally recognized for being the host such major events as the Olympics, has some of the best universities in Spain, both public and private, such as the Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Barcelona, The Pompeu Fabra University and the University Ramon Llull private. Similarly, has some of the best graduate schools in the world, among them especially IESE and ESADE.

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Barcelona is one of the destinations chosen by a large number of foreign students. This is because, in addition to the prestige of their universities, its good communications both by land, Sea and Air, to its favorable climate and proximity to countries such as France and Italy.
There is a very important fact you should know all foreigners who want to study in Barcelona, and is that in their universities is necessary to know the Catalan language in addition to Spanish. This is because Catalonia has two official languages: Catalan and Spanish.

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