Leisure and entertainment

If anything identifies Spain is its openness, friendly and cheerful and available for leisure and fun. Quit often drinks and tapas with classmates, enjoy the varied nightlife on weekends, attend the many concerts organized and enjoy flamenco, Tori and shopping.

Cañas y Tapas

madrid tapasOut of reeds and tapas is something out of the Spanish culture. Translates to stay friends with them and go from bar to bar taking some drink (Reed) and something to eat (cap), putting the waiter as an accompaniment to drink and no cost.

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Night life

Gente bailando de fiestaSpain has one of the world's best night marches. Many factors make this so: people are funny and cheerful, warm weather, there are people of all countries and there are many infrastructure bars, concert halls, pubs, clubs and other nightspots designed for fun.

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Flamenco and bullfighting

FlamencoFlamenco is the combination of Andalusian music and dance. Flamenco is Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Dancing, The zapateo, singing and clapping are the foundation of flamenco. As bulls, is the prevalent image of Spain abroad. A bullfighter in front of an animal over 500 kilos.

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Music, and international theater festivals

San FermínThe good weather, the joy of the people and cultural diversity make Spain have variety of music options, theater and holiday. Each city has his. You'll have to discover. Here we will only offer an outline of music.

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