Spain belongs to the European Union. This means that once in Spain can freely sightseeing all countries outside the EU. The unified currency for the entire EU is the euro. The standard of living in Spain is the cheapest in Europe. There are many things to do and lots to see. You count.

Facts about Spain

España desde el cieloSpain is located in the western part of southern Europe. It is a cheerful country, with a temperate climate, plenty of sunshine, hundreds of good beaches, mountain, cities declared World Heritage. It is among the top fifteen economies in the world. He has over 80 good universities and some of the best graduate schools in the world.
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Cost of living

marketingSpain is one of the cheapest European countries to live. To have a real reference the cost of living, we offer you a list of prices of some basic things you might be interested to give you an idea of ​​what you can spend as a student living in Spain.
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Attractions and sights

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Spain is a country to make dreams come true. Everything you want you can do, everything is at your fingertips. Spain is culture and sport, leisure and fun. From great museums to football teams most prestigious, as Real Madrid o Barcelona. Nobody leaves Spain without enjoying their rods and caps, of the nightlife, of music and concerts, of flamenco, of the bullfighting and shopping.

shutterstock_13945015And if you want to study in Spain, in Services in Spain we help:

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