Spain is located in the western part of southern Europe. It is a cheerful country, with a temperate climate, plenty of sunshine, hundreds of good beaches, mountain, cities declared World Heritage. It is among the top fifteen economies in the world. He has over 80 good universities and some of the best graduate schools in the world.


Estudiantes-bola-del-mundo_350Spain belongs to the European Union. This means that once in Spain can freely sightseeing all countries outside the EU. The unified currency for the entire EU is the euro. The standard of living in Spain is the cheapest in Europe. There are many things to do and lots to see. You count.
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University Cities

dreamstime_5588786Spain is one of the world's top destinations for foreign students. It is the European country that receives more students through the "Erasmus" program, is the reference for Hispanic and American students and 're a destination one increasingly requested by large countries such as China.
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Areas of interest


Spain has a wide variety of areas of interest: some of the best beaches in the world, dream cities, charming villages, variety of landscapes, beautiful hiking paths and a good infrastructure of public transportation that facilitate reach anywhere.

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Culture and sport

packPremium2Spain has one of the biggest cultural heritages in the West: Cathedrals, deposits, palaces and castles; artists like Picasso, Goya and Dali or writers like Cervantes and Quevedo. In sports highlights football with Real Madrid and Barcelona, tennis, Formula 1 Motorbikes.
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Leisure and entertainment

Young adultsIf anything identifies Spain is its openness, cozy, happy and fun. Quit often rods and caps with classmates, enjoy the varied nightlife on weekends, acudir a Concerts and enjoy flamenco, Tori and shopping.
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Thematic trips

playa_64426The good climate of Spain, history, their cities, your leisure and the wide variety of areas of interest SiS makes three camps offer classes in Spanish, excursions, visit cities, leisure, sporting and cultural activities and the discovery of the Spanish University. Discover them!+ info