The job interview

The SC does not get the job, who gets the job is the interview. The success or failure depend on small nuances. We show you everything you need to know to successfully pass a job interview.

The first impression

    • In a job interview, is essential that the candidate supports your curriculum with a good personal impression, responding naturalness and sincerity questions put to him.
    • Caring appearance, nothing ropa Arrugadas the stained, dirty hair, stubble, long or dirty nails, Worn shoes, strong body odor, lack of hygiene ...
    • Arrive five minutes before the agreed time (either before or after).

Positive Attitude

    • Entrevista de trabajoCarry all information that they may require.
    • Positive responses: Transform the answers may seem negative to positive, course, without lying.
    • Shyness can be a factor against when conducting an interview. To overcome, must prepare in advance FAQs about the position, the company or the selection process.

We are who we are

    • Be very clear our profile and our educational level, and show a compelling security in ourselves.
    • If you lie, and realize, better go. You have nothing to do.
    • If they ask for a skill you do not have (or you think you can have a short term), answer truthfully but be sure to highlight every time you are willing to learn continuously.

Education, interest and motivation

    • Clearly expressed, with breaks and without interrupting the coach.
    • Display at all times interest and cordiality.
    • Answering the questions persuasion and ability.
    • Be respectful. We should be friendly to both the recruiter and the company that represents, but not into the friendly tone.

Trusts… fair

    • Do not call the interviewer by name, unless it is he who requested.
    • Answer with resourcefulness and knowledge of the facts to show that you have self-confidence.
    • Demonstrate our motivation to do the job vacancy.
    • Memorise curriculum. We must bear in mind not only the information in the curriculum, but any additional information you can provide new value to our bid.

Find out where you get

    • To combat nerves, It is recommended have on hand a copy of the curriculum to refresh your memory and highlight strengths.
    • It is recommended previously reported on the activities of the company and his recent performances.
    • Listen carefully to each question and wait a few seconds before answering denote self confidence.

Questions indiscreet

      • It is advisable to inquire about holidays, salary the benefits fringe. Only if it suggests that the interviewer will give you our opinion on.
      • Do not hide your personality
      • No doubt our ability to and skills to do the job.
      • Beware of talking too much: Too talkative person may give the impression of discreet gossip or shortly. It is true that in a job interview there that being open but this behavior can also hide some insecurity or fear of silence.

Honest and conciliatory

    • Care to give undue importance to the wage issue: Probably, is one of the key points of the interviews but, if you really want to get that job, you have to let the issue raised by the interviewer what. Excessive interest in retributive aspect may indicate a way of being very materialistic. De facto, one of the most common mistakes interviewees often say that motivation in the workplace is economic.
    • Serious error: disqualify your previous work colleagues: Even if true, This type of comment does not benefit the impression that going to have on the interviewer, because it can give rise to it think you're a troublemaker.

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