The cover letter

Have you seen a deal you like and you have to show the company that you are the person seeking. For this, There follow a few basic steps. You must be clear about the message you want to convey, who is the recipient, personalize the letter and structuring it in a clear and understandable. The aim is to get a job interview.

Make a good letter

Carta de presentaciónThere are no foolproof tricks to make a good presentation, but some ideas that must be clear to increase the chances of success. Among these ideas, is know to interest the coach, personalize cards, sell as a product, suggest a job interview and make a good structure of the letter.
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Sample Letter

Modelo de CartaNo single model of letter. Each card is different and that should suit the job as our own personal and professional profile. Here we show a cover letter that you can take as a model and example to make your cards. Tus needs to adapt, but follows the same structure we indicate.
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