The curriculum

The curriculum is our calling card. It is a document that reflects our academic and professional profile. It is the cornerstone to find work. It is the outpost of ourselves. Not enough to be the best, have to prove, and the show is so tell us the curriculum.

The CV is a whole

    • CV perfecto: The perfect CV is one that leads to the completion of a job interview.
    • Personalised Curriculum and adapted to supply: Customizing the curriculum based on each job, prioritizing professional and academic data having more to do with the workplace.
    • The CV is a whole: Care were content, the tone of the writing and design aesthetics. The first impression depends on the aesthetics of the CV.
    • Nice presentation: The presentation should be neat and easy to read, with accurate information well organized and free of spelling errors.
    • Simplicity and clarity: Caring avoiding the presentation elements that may distract or complicate reading.
    • Brief: Must be direct. In the CV, if something can be said in two words, not be used fifteen.

An Offer, un CV

    • Updated: A resume for each job…
    • Organized: The coach has to find what you want quickly. Must be able to see everything and understand the structure of a glance.
    • Spelling: Carefully review spelling and grammatical errors and typographical.

Coming through the eyes

    • Sexy Drafting: Pay special attention to the wording, so read the CV into something interesting.
    • Glance: Format and structure of the information, comfortably and organized, so that the evaluator can appreciate a glance.
    • Information of interest: Include only relevant information and relevant, presented in an orderly manner, synthetic and logical.
    • Good Photography: Include quality photography, recent and with a positive attitude.

Not a lie

    • Veracity of CV: CV's defense must rely on the accuracy of the document. There can be nothing worse in the eyes of an interviewer who thinks they have lied.
    • Contact: Include all necessary contacts to be located: Telephones and email, and that this information is easily.

Aim tino

  • Aimed at ...: Select the appropriate people and companies that should be addressed. A bad choice will make the curriculum not succeed.
  • Supporting Documentation: Si se necesita enviar información de apoyo comprueba que lo que envías tiene una calidad óptima, the links are active, the PDF is correct and can be opened with conventional programs. If you send paper, they are copying of high quality and not originals.
  • Reviewed by a third: If you are not an expert by CV, asked third critical opinion when you have done.