Finding employment

Finding a job requires a positive act, know oneself, adopt an entrepreneurial spirit, search planning system, choose the most appropriate tools, businesses need to know what, be clear what the ideal candidate skills and internalize the most wanted.


  • buscar empleoDefine the objective: I want to work. My project is to seek employment.
  • Mission: Focus on the search and change my priorities: now is to find employment.
  • Dedication: A total dedication reduce my search time and increase my chances of getting a job.
  • In what I can work: I can not find work if you do not know what I want and I can work.
  • Self-Assessment: What I do? What I can work?
  • Descubrirme: Analysis of my personal journey, academic and professional.
  • Strengthen my skills: I ingeniármelas to show my skills and to hide my shortcomings.
  • Professional Development: I have to look for work than I can do, what I'm competitive.
  • Awareness: Job hunting is a natural process. Nobody is born on work.
  • Relationship of equals: Nobody is beyond me. Nobody is unless I.
  • Brazen: It's okay to be unemployed. No shame to lose to find work. You have to tell people you want to work, who are seeking employment.
  • The "no" I've got: A "no" is the worst thing you can tell me ... and nothing happens.
  • Preparation: I am able to perform any job related to my training and experience. 'm As valid as those who are working.
  • Buscar empleoSelect: Valgus for some things and not others. I must choose where valgus.
  • Tracking the market: I have to make an analysis of the most appropriate companies to offer my professional and professional.
  • Selective search: I have to find the company that interest me and that I can more interested.
  • I am the principal asset of a company: The company needs me to grow.
  • I must find the company you need me: Many businesses need me. Only I have to find it.
  • I need: On the other side of the table has the same need to hire me to find work.
  • Geographical mobility: The market is no longer locally, is national and international. Thus, I'm willing to travel and am open to Relocate.
  • Pay claims: You must be clear about the minimum wage you can accept, but consistently, esteem, objectivity, Market research and survey company wage.
  • Try a perspective: I have to make a practical planning and an open mind and not limiting.
  • Alternative work: There are alternatives to paid work: self-employment, freelance, project work ...
  • Action Plan: Sort the search process, develop my resume and cover letter, overcome job interview, knowing what they can ask me and what should I respond.