Jobs in Spain

Find a Job happens to know how to look for employment, to know what businesses need, to be clear where to look for jobs tailored to our profile, out to make a good resume and a cover letter and know the main rules to successfully face a job interview.

Finding employment

cómo buscar empleoFinding a job requires act positively, know oneself, adopt an entrepreneurial spirit, search planning system, choose tools more appropriate, businesses need to know what, be clear what the ideal candidate skills and internalize the most wanted.
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Where to find jobs

dónde buscar empleoIf channels are not known for seeking employment, if you do not know where the company seeks workers, never get access to a job. Here we detail the main labor brokers that companies use to publicize your recruitment needs.
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Curriculum Models

currículumThere are many models of CV, but the most common are the chronological model, reverse chronological model and the functional model. Each is better suited to one type of job as a type of profile and professional experience. + info

The job interview

entrevista de trabajoThe SC does not get the job, who gets the job is the interview. The success or failure depend on small nuances. We show you everything you need to know to successfully pass a job interview.+ info

Things to look for companies

jovenes pensandoKnowing what companies want is critical to find work. If I know what they want I can prepare to meet those needs. Although each job has an ideal profile, There is a profile that few companies reject. The aim is to approach him.
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The perfect CV

Chico - exito The curriculum is our calling card. It is a document that reflects our academic and professional profile. It is the cornerstone to find work. Not enough to be the best, have to prove, and the show is so tell us the curriculum.
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The cover letter

carta de presentaciónHave you seen a deal and want to show the company that you are the person seeking… You must be clear the message, who is the recipient, personalize the letter clearly and structuring. The aim is to get a job interview.+ info


Chica informandoHere work practices and jobs that need foreign students or graduates living in Spain. If you're interested, you just have to respond to email facilitating job and attach your CV:+ info

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