Sport in Spain

Spain is one of the world powers in sport, highlighting the individual and collective level in different disciplines. He currently holds the position 14 world rankings of nations large sport, based on the analysis of more than 50 sports.

Medalla de oro España

Sporting success

Spain is renowned for its recent football success in Euro and World Soccer, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. For example, basketball is one of the teams that dominate the international scene, in handball He has won major international titles, like in waterpolo, hockey sobre patines, football or gymnastics.

Individual sports

In individual sports, Spain is renowned in the world for tennis player Rafael Nadal the cattle to have several Davis Cup.
In cycling has had some of the best runners of all time, as Indurain, Counter u Ocaña.
En golf he is a legend Severiano Ballesteros the Chema Olazabal.

Motor sports

MotoGP En Moto GP deals in recent years the top positions in the Grand Prix, through, inter alia, Marc Márquez, Jorge Lorenzo and Daniel Pedrosa.
In Formula 1 a Spanish pilot, Fernando Alonso, is recognized as one of the best of all time.

Minority sports

Similarly, other sports have seen more minority Spanish athletes fencing, candle, canoeing, boxeo o atletismo clambered to the top of the podium and the global recognition.

Sports clubs

The Spanish sport has made history not only in team competitions of national teams, Also on club teams. In football, the two best clubs in the world are the Real Madrid and Barcelona; handball Barcelona imposed its law in Europe and Real Madrid basketball and Barcelona can boast to rub shoulders with the best in Europe.

Real Madrid Football Camp

Real madrid 2In Services in Spain we wanted to reflect this passion for the sport, and together with the Real Madrid Foundation offer during the summer football camp, for young people to enjoy playing football, living with other young and having fun with the games and excursions organized by the Real Madrid Foundation. And all with intensive training and small groups.

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