Double SiS guaranteed admission

Aimed at students who want to study Chinese in Spain, double guaranteed admission perform Intensive Spanish in college and then be admitted to the university chosen career. There is also the option to study at a Spanish university and then not be admitted in any non-university study.

Doble admisiónWhat is Dual Admissions Service SiS

    • Intensive Spanish course at the University or in a language: The student begins at the University or in a language intensive course in Spanish. Receive several hours a day of Spanish classes and can also receive English classes.
    • College Tuition in current career: At the end of the learning period of Spanish at the University, whether to approve the course, the student receives a bachelor's level and is directly admitted in the same year career that has requested.
    • Enrollment in college not selected: At the end of the learning period of Spanish at a language, whether to approve the course, the student receives a bachelor's level and is directly admitted that year in specialized studies as requested.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for high school students from countries not members of the European Union (EU):

  • Having the equivalent qualification to the Bachelor approved by the Ministry of Education. For more information, can be consulted the website of the Ministry of Education.
  • Estudiantes-chica-oriental-estudiando-429127Meet the requirements of college access in the education system of your country. If you do not qualify, must pass four exams specific materials from a number of subjects proposed. These tests are performed in Spanish.
  • If you have not gotten approval because you're finishing studies, You can submit a copy of the application for approval of the Ministry of Education. See instructions and model.

Documents to bring

The documentation from the high school students from countries not members of the European Union (EU) its:

1. Passport
2. Academics Certificate of the last two years of lessons studied.
3. Level languages: Responsible official statement or certificate attesting the level of Spanish (IT) o inglés (First Certificate, minimum 80 TOEFL points, 5.5 points in IELTS, University of Cambridge…).
4. Letter justifying affinity of personal interests and previous studies that want to pursue Degree.
5. Scores on SAT, ACT or other standardized tests (optional).
6. Baccalaureate degree approved by the Ministry of Education. If you have not yet granted approval, You can submit the application for approval by the deadline established. See instructions and model.

IMPORTANT: Documents must necessarily be delivered in Spanish or English.

Language course and career choice

  • Dual Admission Service: Admission to Intensive Spanish and Admission to the chosen specialization studies, either university or college Career.
  • DUAL ADMISSION, is a new service of great value in Spain, through partnerships with the best universities and other training learning Spanish and is guaranteed enrollment in college or center chosen.
  • Thanks to this dual admission, Services in Spain es el bridge between Chinese students and UK universities and training centers.
  • The main problem with the Chinese students who come to Spain is that although they are required bring gaokao note, not in all cases have a sufficient level of Spanish language to start college. In some cases they have the DELE B2 (Spanish diploma for foreign language), but not always. With this dual admission this issue is resolved.

Features Intensive Language

      • Spanish Language adapted: The university or language school Spanish courses prepare tailored to the needs of students. Texts, vocabulary, situations and examples will focus on possible studies to students will attend.
      • Extra support for Spanish: Depending on student needs, SiS or manage University admission centers in other prestigious Spanish language, so that the language level is optimal to ensure admission to the University or downtown chosen, with note of required Gaokao.
      • Admission Test and Quality Assurance. To provide quality assurance, besides having approved the gaokao, SiS performed some tests of their own access, consisting: interview, language comprehension test, curriculum and presentation of specific information.

Advantages of Dual Admissions

      • Learn Spanish and study what you want: The student who comes to Spain to learn Spanish is guaranteed and elected to conduct a study, be they academics or other.
      • Reassure parents of students: Parents of students know their children what they want to study Spanish in a prestigious university or training center in their chosen.
      • Knowledge of student: College or training center called the pupil to be incorporated, their skills and abilities. Thus, You can support and guide you from the beginning and throughout their stay.
      • Use of time: The student does not lose the first quarter while adapting to the environment or while overcoming initial doubts by face new materials in a language that is not yours and you are not familiar.
      • Academic Repechage: In the event that a student does not pass the intensive course of Spanish, college or training center will assess whether the level of knowledge of Spanish is minimally sufficient to take classes. Thus, still not passing the language examination the student may have reserved space at the University or at the training center chosen, si bien, will be obliged to teach Spanish refuerzo.

Admission Price Double SiS Service

The summary which includes Double Guaranteed admission is:

      • Languages: Admission to Intensive Spanish
      • Academic studies or studies chosen: Admission to the University Career or school chosen.
      • Admission test.
      • Warranty dual intake: Students come to Spain and are guaranteed to learn Spanish and to make your career in the University or downtown chosen if the requirements are met.

Price for all services: 1.100 euros
The price includes compliance services, management, help and support. Price does not include enrollment in colleges or language centers.


To hire the Double Guaranteed Admission you just have to access You can also send an email to: or phone: 913 107 000 (Spanish language) 622 572 856 (Chinese) or request more information through:

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