In spring begins nothing… Y, with her, we will know Spain through its festivals


In Spain we find a variety of festive playful manifestations rooted for centuries in different regions of
Spain. What better excuse, to know this wonderful country in which you are passing an important stage of your life, participate and meet some of these parties?


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The folklore, gastronomy, customs… are cultural events that teach us a lot about a country and its people.

About to start in March and with it, spring, we find one of the most renowned festivals in the world: FAULTS OF VALENCIA. Begin 15 March and end the 19, Feast of San Jose (therefore, They are also called josefinas parties).

Since the eighteenth century

These festivals have their origins in the eighteenth century. There are different theories as to its origin. One of the most accepted is that the evolution of fire worship become ritual, announcing the arrival of spring.

The Fallas name was used to describe some of the fires were lit in the streets. Eran satirical monuments. Gradually the same evolved and artisans were developing more artistic versions.

Whatever the same, the truth is that today FAULTS have become one of the most known worldwide that attract nearly a million tourists every year Spanish fiestas. Although the holidays are especially prominent in the city of Valencia, in many other municipalities in the Valencia region also held.


And one of the most characteristic activities of these are the fireworks. So, if you dare to go, and endure bad noise, you forget about not wearing earplugs, comfortable clothes and good shoes to withstand many hours of walking… Gunpowder and music, Don are essential elements in this light show, music and color.

Many events are held throughout the city, varying each year. However, there are some that remain. Between days 15 and 19, clearly, is a leading PLANT. Day is celebrated 14 and 15 and consists of erecting the famous FAILURES. Also deserves special mention CASTLES or FIREWORKS NIGHT CREAM.

These days, it is difficult to enjoy in this city something else than the various shows and events developed around FAULTS… But if you can, fail a few hours to meet somewhere different leisure.

Tapas and drinks

Shall we go for drinks?… Let's see if we can open any of the most popular places in the city. In the area of ​​Aragon, we enjoy a good cocktail, or something more exotic like a hookah in the WHITE HOUSE ( In this chain of pubs and university Erasmus parties are organized so the multicultural environment is assured.

Want to meet local Jazz oldest city? Well then you have to go to the area of ​​Carmen one of the areas with more nightlife of the city. The JIMMY JAZZ BAR GLASS is waiting. (

And if you prefer to finish the night in the harbor I recommend you visit the HIGH CUBE ( Live performances, good music and drinks near the sea.

But before, We can eat something. Head over to the Hound Bistro ( Find a different meal, not due to any style. Good quality and reasonable price to give a tribute.

Paella and fish

And of course, you can not go this wonderful city without tasting a dish of rice, especially paella or fish accompanied by a good aioli sauce.

As for its wines, try some of designation of origin Valencia and Alicante. Y, as, a good horchata or an ice cream soothe end of this wonderful experience.

Surely you will know little, but you will have opportunity to continue learning this wonderful country participating in its incomparable fiestas…

I keep hinting…