Facts about Spain


Spain is located in the western part of southern Europe. It is a cheerful country, with a temperate climate, plenty of sunshine, hundreds of good beaches, mountain, cities declared World Heritage.

80 universities

Spain is among the top fifteen economies in the world. He has over 80 good universities and some of the best graduate schools in the world.

Spain belongs to the European Union. This means that once in Spain tourism made freely by all EU countries. The unified currency for the entire EU is the euro. The standard of living in Spain is the cheapest in Europe. There are many things to do and lots to see.

España desde el aireBalmy weather

The climate is temperate, but has significant variations between winter and summer or between north and south. In the south the climate is dry and hot, the north is cooler and rainy and the center is cold in winter and warm in summer. Yes, and general, can be considered to have the best climate in Europe and one of the best climates in the world.

47.000.000 population

The total population is 47.000.000 population. Everyone speaks Spanish, but there are other regional languages ​​coexist with Spanish. Fundamentally, Basque, Catalan, Galician and Valencian.

Spain is a peninsula which has an area of ​​just over half a million square kilometers. Bordered on the south by Africa, France to the north and west by Portugal.

Rich gastronomy

The most typical dishes are paella, potato omelette, Iberian ham, gazpacho and cooked. It is one of the best cuisines in the world, and there are good fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. The drink is red wine, cider and beer.

Interesting facts

  • Spain is composed of 17 autonomous communities or regions and 52 provinces
  • The public transport they are good and cheap, fundamentally, train, Bus and Metro.
  • There is a great public health and education It is free to enter university. There are public and private universities.
  • The prefix of Spain is: + 34. Voltage 220 In

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