Personal Qualities
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The personal profile is very important to convince the coach. The main personal characteristics required are: ethics and integrity, positive attitude, stress tolerance, decisiveness, initiative, empathy, sincerity, listen ...


  • Jóvenes alegresEthics and integrity: Fidelity, personal and professional ethics. Ability to stick to social norms, organizational and ethical within the work-related activities.
  • Decisiveness: Acuity to make decisions, affirm reviews, take part in the commit something in a subject the task personally.
  • Positive Attitude: Being constructive, focus the reality of the company work toward solutions to problems rather.
  • Stress Tolerance: Maintaining strong character under pressure or in cases of conflict. Results in controlled stress responses.
  • Capacity Review: Ability to evaluate data and lines of action, and to make logical decisions in an unbiased manner and from a rational point of view.
  • buen rolloImpact: Correction, education and careful image. Translates into a good impression on others and maintain that impression throughout the time.
  • Sociability: Extrovert. Ability to easily mix with others. Loquacious, open and participatory.
  • Tenacity: Ability to persevere in an issue or problem until it is resolved or until verifying that the objective is not achievable within a reasonable period.
  • Initiative: Actively influence events rather than passive acceptance thereof, Opportunity view them. Leads to action.
  • Adaptability: Ability to remain effective in a changing environment.
  • Resistance: Ability to remain effective in situations of disappointment and / or rejection.
  • Capacity for empathy: Ability to put in place of another, understand their actions and to anticipate their reactions.
  • Responsibility: Be consistent with the obligations of the job, develop properly and not make the actions to other interests than those of the company.
  • Sincerity: Simplicity, veracity, honesty, Free express pretense, assumption and recognition of own shares.
  • Listening: Ability to cull important information of an oral communication. The questions and responses generally show an "active" listening.