Cost of living

Spain is one of the cheapest European countries to live. If this is joined by good weather, good universities, the cozy and lively character of its people and the great cultural and social life, the choice is always easy. Spain wins by a landslide.

Reference price

Jóvenes alegresTo get a real price reference, then offer a pricing of some basic things you might be interested to give you an idea of ​​the real cost of living in Spain if you've decided to come study:

  • Year public university: Between 700 and 1.400 euros, depending on the university and the career you choose. Average, 900 USD per year.
  • Year Private University: Between 6.000 and 14.000 euros, depending on the university and the career you choose. Average, 9.000 USD per year.
  • Dorm: Between 600 and 900 USD per month
  • Room for rent: Between 200 and 300 USD per month.
  • Transport (though dependent on the city, Prices listed media):
  • Metro: 1,20 € Urban CommutingJovenes reunidos
  • Bus: 1,20 € Urban Commuting
  • Provincial Bus: 3,5 € the journey within the province
  • Long train journey: Average, between 0,1 € y 0,2 € of a mile.
  • Taxi: In most of Spain are white, with a red stripe and an external ID in the front of the roof. The price per kilometer varies from city to city, but, average, can be estimated by 1 € of a mile, more special rates for night, Holidays, airports, Baggage, flag fall ...
  • Coffee in a cafe: 1,30 €
  • Can of Coke in supermarket: 0,60 €
  • Lata of beer in supermarket: Between 0,35 € y 0,70 €
  • Eating in a pub and nightclubs: Between 7 € y 13 €
  • Cinema ticket: 8 €
  • Check concert: Between 25 € y 50 €
  • Restaurant Menu: 10 €
  • Burger en fast food: 3 €
  • Pizza familiar in Pizzeria: 14 €
  • Pizza median in Pizzeria: 9 €
  • Newspaper: Between 1,10 € y 1,30 €
  • Magazines: Between 3,5 € y 4,5 €
  • Bar pan: 0,50 €
  • Liter of milk: 0.75 €
  • Dozen Eggs: 1.40 €
  • Keel of patatas: 1,00 €
  • Kilo de carne: 14 €

Management procedures

And do not forget, if you want to study in Spain, in Services in Spain we provide all the paperwork: We manage your enrollment at the University, your accommodation, your Spanish lessons, your Spanish phone, your visits to the city ... If you want more information:

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    However, the more you know the country or city to which we travel,,es,more problems we have to adapt,,es,At the same time,,es,more and more people leave to work abroad and,,es,because it does not know the price level and the cost of living in the country of destination has trouble negotiating a salary commensurate with their new country,,es, mas problemas tenemos para adaptarnos. Al mismo tiempo, cada vez mas gente sale a trabajar en el extranjero y que, ya que no conoce el nivel de precios ni el coste de la vida del pais de destino tiene problemas para negociar un sueldo acorde con su nuevo pais.