Professional Skills
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Professional competencies are what tip the scales toward a job. The most valued are troubleshooting, teamwork, leadership, organization, commercial spirit, communication capacity, Customer, flexibility ...


  • Competencias profesionalesSolving problems: Effectiveness in identifying a problem and finding solutions.
  • Ability to work in team: Willingness to participate as fully integrated into a team member which has not necessarily to be the boss; effective contributor even when the computer is working on something that is not directly related to personal interests.
  • Leadership: Using appropriate interpersonal traits and methods to guide individuals or groups toward achieving a goal.
  • Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship: Ability to propose imaginative solutions in business situations. Innovation. Ability to identify radical alternatives as opposed to traditional methods and approaches.
  • centro económico Planning and organization: Ability to effectively establish an appropriate action by staff or others in order to achieve a goal.
  • Customer: Exceeding customer expectations by demonstrating a total commitment in identifying any problems and providing the best solutions to meet your needs.
  • Commercial spirit and customer service: Ability to understand those key points that affect business profitability and growth of a company and work thinking about customer satisfaction.
  • Communication skills: Ability to express ideas or facts clearly and persuasively. Convincing the other point of view itself.
  • Delegation: Distribution of effective decision making and other responsibilities to the most appropriate subordinate.
  • Flexibility: Ability to change own behavior (namely, adopt a different type of approach) with the aim of reaching a goal.
  • Meticulousness: Overall resolution of a task or issue to the end and in all areas involving, regardless of its insignificance.
  • Written communication: Ability to draft ideas clearly and grammatically correct, so that they are understood undoubtedly.
  • Numerical analysis: Ability to analyze, organize and present numerical data, for example, financial and statistical data.