Choosing University City

Choosing college town is not easy. In addition to the prestige of their universities, must take into account many variables, as location and communications, size, university population, variety of accommodation, Prices, quality of life, the alternative climate sociales, cultural, Sports and Leisure, inter.

Location and communications

The first thing to consider is the location of the city. If you are well connected with the country of origin, if access is easy by different transport systems and if it is easy to get to the city from other parts of Spain.

City size

It should be clear what is the size of city that interests us. We can choose to major cities, Madrid and Barcelona, where a large part of the culture moves, leisure and economy, or by other smaller, university environment that will be more.

City Population

Another reference to be analyzed before deciding on the campus is the population size. Among large Spanish university towns there are many options. From the more than three million people of Madrid to just over 55.000 Segovia, the 155.000 Salamanca or 235.000 inhabitants of Granada.

Estudiantes-bola-del-mundo_350University population

College will be the main relational benchmark for other university. A city with many students is packaged to meet their cultural needs, social and leisure.

Variety of accommodation

It needs to be a good deal for rental apartments and dorms. As important as the amount is the price. The most expensive cities are the largest, but also where there is more supply.

playa-calidad de vidaQuality of Life

Overall in Spain is not a problem, as there is a fairly uniform standard of living. What is different is the way of having fun. That will depend not only on the weather, but also the very nature of the population.

Climate and temperature

The weather in Spain is quite different. There are places where it rains an every other day and also others where the sun hardly disappears from the sky. The inside area is very cold in winter and warm in summer, while, and general, the coast has a more temperate climate.


Choosing city also passes know how, what you eat and at what price. Not like the north than the south of Spain. It is true that everywhere you eat very well and in all there are many variety of cuisines.

Social and cultural alternatives

And general, largest city in, more variety of social activities and culture. Also a city with a higher proportion of university, differentiation possibilities more social and cultural.

Leisure and sport

Knowing what type of leisure exist in the chosen city will take you no unpleasant surprises. No one need only look bars, Restaurants, pubs and other nightlife options, should also see cinemas, theaters, sports, excursions, parks ...

Shopping and shopping

Learn what options you have as a commercial offer lets find out if you have all the shopping needs covered in your city or have to travel to other cities to complete your business needs.

Religious identity

In some cases also should know religious alternatives which exist in the city target to be choosing to study.

Alternatives around

And as always want to be in town, it is important that at no great distance there other leisure, culture and entertainment. From other cities to charming villages, beaches, mountain ...

Prestigious universities

This is the fundamental point. It is no use choosing a beautiful city, with good weather, many alternatives for leisure or near the beach and the mountain if universities do not have a good reputation. If you come to Spain to study, reference should be the quality of the studies.

Learn more

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