Cities and towns with charm

Spain has so many charming villages, beautiful and special it is easy for each Spanish, every traveler and every tourist choose ones that have nothing to do with those who choose other. Here we will tell some people that will not leave anyone indifferent.

la foto (12)Cudillero

It is in Asturias, in northern Spain. It is a fishing village. Their houses, very well maintained and with a very typical building area, down in a dive impressive to port, where you can eat seafood of exceptional quality.


Formerly called Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa is a town on the border with France. It is a fishing village, with typical Basque houses, where wood is an essential part of its structure. Prices people and great atmosphere.


In the province of Jaén. It is declared Heritage by Unescthe. Its picturesque streets, old city walls and historic landmarks and buildings impress anyone.


la foto (10)It is located in Girona. To access this village have to cross a magnificent Romanesque bridge. From ahí, you find in a medieval village. Emphasize its historic buildings, the main square and the Jewish quarter


It is in Teruel, a 1.200 meters above sea level. Declared historical artistic, Walking through its streets is back several centuries in time. Its walls are awesome

Santillana del Mar

Verano 2011 (Asturias, Laredo, Pirineos, Grajal) 048In Cantabria. Nor is flat, neither is santa, nor has the sea, but any traveler want to step on its stone streets and return to contemplate its noble houses.


In Burgos. It has a moat surrounding the village, that accessed by a drawbridge. A stunning historic and artistic.

Other people you should not miss

Although there are hundreds of people who deserve to occupy the most privileged among the beautiful villages of Spain, you should see mandatory: Ayllon (Segovia), Cadaqués (Girona), Round (Malaga), Weights (Asturias), Urueña (Valladolid), Medinaceli (Soria), Bull (Zamora).