Cañas y Tapas

Out of reeds and tapas is something out of the Spanish culture. Translates to stay friends with them and go from bar to bar taking some drink (Reed) and something to eat (cap), putting the waiter as an accompaniment to drink and no cost.

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If someone dreams of Spain, many of these dreams will Tapeando the streets, taking a beer and being in the company of friends and acquaintances, in areas of fun, in good weather and sharing the moment with many other people at that time is doing the same.

The bar bar

Out of reeds and tapas is something out of the Spanish culture. Translates to meet friends, fellow students or work and go from bar to bar drinking glasses of beer or any other drink (Reed), along with something to eat that puts the waiter as an accompaniment to the drink (cap) without any cost. We will, that ask for something to drink means that you may to an appetizer, a small skewer or a small ration of food to the drink the better.

madrid tapasExclusive of Spain

In itself, leave rods and caps could be done anywhere in the world ..., but not, only happens in Spain.
In Spain all cities, large towns and, sometimes, not so large, have their bar areas. With good weather, people out on the street with friends, in the morning, afternoon or early evening, if y va bar to bar short of taking beer, wine or any beverage, con o sin alcohol.

The tapas es free

In most of the regions of Spain, las Tapas sounds free. Tops are famous Salamanca, Granada, Leon, Cordova, Madrid ... Elsewhere pay for the cover. So do not call tapas, called spikes. They are usually much more elaborate, bar are in the bars and they cost little money. The most famous kabobs are in northern Spain: Bilbao and San Sebastian are the most recognized.

tapas granadaSwap with friends

But the important thing is to be drinks and tapas with friends, with people who appreciate, in beautiful places, well prepared, welcoming and surrounded by people who are doing the same. Going out for tapas and reeds is a way to meet people, relating and sharing your time with your friends.

Cover story

The name comes because cover taverns in the old Spanish chorizo ​​a slit was placed, salchichón, like on the glass of wine or asking the client to not enter cheese insects cayese in the dust. It became like a lid on the cup, and hence the name.

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