SiS Scholarship for academic excellence

Services in Spain (SiS), within its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Scholarship awarded for academic excellence, with the aim of promoting the educational development of Chinese students coming to the Spanish University.

Name of scholarship

  • Beca Services in Spain (SiS) academic excellence


  • Promote academic development Chinese students who come to the Spanish University.
  • Facilitate the development of college students who have a excellent college academic achievement.
  • Cover costs Enrollment, pay monthly fees or Instructional Materials.
  • Excellent use having students shall be considered a record of the last academic year of an average score greater than 8,50, as detailed in section "Minimum Average rating".

Number of scholarships SiS

  • Will be given a scholarship. In exceptional cases, this number could be increased.

Addressed to

  • Chinese students who attend university in Spain.


  • Chinese students from 17 and 30 years old, who have come to study at a Spanish University or to an official recognition.
  • Students will have been enrolled in the last academic year, prior to the scholarship application.


  • The amount of the scholarship will be set in each call, by subscribing to the following financial year at convocation.
  • The amount of the scholarship will never be greater than 6.000 euros and shall become vacant if no candidate meets the requirements of the call.

Minimum Average rating

The minimum grade point average to qualify for the scholarship had to be obtained from the last college course in which the student has been enrolled this is:

  • Graduate Studies attached to the branch of knowledge of Engineering and Architecture: 8,50 points.
  • Studies Medicine, double degrees and simultaneous studies: 8,80 points.
  • Other studies: 9,00 points.

Students must have adopted at the first ordinary session, equivalent to that of June, all credits or subjects in which they have enrolled.

Date of award of the scholarship

  • Throughout the month of April
  • Personally notify the grantee and will be announced on the web

Deadline for submission of applications

  • From September to March.

Documentation to deliver

Generally, interested parties must submit the following documentation:

  • Application form which included personal and academic information for academic and personal identification: name, surnames, age, address, phone, e-mail, and university studies completed.
  • NO
  • Bank account number of the beneficiary Support as holder or co-holder of the account
  • Academic Accreditation university official respective, in which recording the overall rating to two decimal obtained by the student, and compliance with the registration requirements and examination. For double degree must provide one document attesting both degrees.

Address for submission of applications

Through email Services in Spain:
In the subject line you must put: SiS Scholarship for academic excellence